10 Genius Smart Home Ideas To Create A Connected Home

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  • Smart home industries faced a growth in demand by 10%, and it’s expected to reach its peak in 2027
  • Smart home lighting is not only an aesthetic feature but an eco-friendly solution that prevents unnecessary energy waste
  • Smart home technology offers max security and peace of mind if you live far from the house you have secured
  • Connected homes provide you unique movie experience with customizable light brightness with music in the background
  • Wellness and health gadgets are some of the best investments as smart home ideas 2022.

Home automation systems that can turn your house into a dreamy smart home are no longer unachievable. With the new smart home technology, many smart home devices or robots that were too expensive 3-5 years ago are affordable and improved thanks to the market expansion and production of new smart home gadgets.

How can a home automation system and a connected home improve our lifestyle, health and well-being? Join us as we provide a comprehensive guide to the 10 coolest smart home ideas to transform your living space into a connected and efficient home.

Top 10 Smart Home Ideas to Try

From sounds to lights and shades, there are several home improvements you should definitely consider incorporating into your home. Let’s look at the top 10 smart home automation ideas on creating a connected home and having a better lifestyle.

1. The Foundations of a Smart Home

Smart homes are becoming more and more popular these days. The smart home technology industry faced steady growth from 2018 to 2023, and it is expected to increase even further by 2027.

Since our lifestyles changed and we spend more time at home, many households invested in smart homes for greater comfort, efficacy, and aesthetics. The benefits of a smart home include the following:

  • Facilitate interconnectivity: Having a smart home means improving the home’s productivity. By investing in smart home technology, you can integrate and monitor several in-home products and systems like thermostats, lights, dishwashers, access camera footage, etc.
  • Reduces Bills: Regulating a thermostat or the lights will cut unnecessary waste of electricity, and you will notice the financial benefit over time.
  • Improves the Lifestyle Quality: Smart homes do not only help you with daily duties. They also help improve your daily quality of life by making things much easier by streamlining your chores with smart appliances.

2. Smart Lighting Solutions

When we mention smart lighting solutions, we immediately associate them with sensor lights. Connect the smart lighting technology to your smart devices (mobile phone or watch) and regulate it accordingly, whenever and wherever you are.

The smart lighting manufacturers include voice control options that allow you to regulate your home lights by the sound of your voice. Additionally, you can adjust the light power depending on personal preference – dimmed or not.

The smart lighting system is one of the main factors influencing energy consumption. Reducing it on time allows you to save more money and go green, which is why we picked it as one of the best smart home ideas. Many people are satisfied with smart lighting solutions and enjoy spending time at home.

3. Home Automation and Voice Control

Alexa device

Siri or Alexa offered us only a sneak peek of what voice-activated technology can accomplish and simplify daily life. Scheduling meetings, dialing, calculating, or even telling us jokes – Siri and Alexa did it all. Similarly, smart home technology includes voice control options that will assist you in daily chores.

You can also use voice control to automate many other daily tasks. Opening or closing the blinds on voice control is just another of the Alexa smart home ideas.

4. Smart Security Systems

Smart security systems allow any homeowner to secure their homes with the latest technology and rest assured that their home is protected from burglars. According to Alarm Org, burglars avoid houses with alarms, and unprotected homes stand a 300% likelihood of being broken in.

These systems are recommended for every house owner to check and monitor the house they cannot visit often. It is also an excellent solution to monitor elderly family members who cannot defend themselves in case of a burglary.

You ought to consider a few effective home security automation methods for maximum safety.

  • Automatic door: This door operates strictly only on technology, keyless. You can either connect it to your phone or make it remember your pattern.
  • Leaks notification: Intelligent security systems will immediately notify you in case there is a fire, water, or gas leak in your house.
  • Camera patrol: You can set your camera to a 360° monitoring of the area and notify you when there is motion.

5. Energy Management and Smart Thermostats


Smart thermostats are highly economical modern home innovations that allow you to regulate the home temperature remotely, thus saving money on electricity bills. ResearchGate tested the smart thermostats and found that automating your HVAC system will save you 28% on energy, or around $25 each month. Use these systems to set a desired room temperature, and your thermostat will always adjust temperature within that range.

Additionally, they allow you to monitor room airing, including the air quality, humidity, tracking patterns of temperature, and notifications for filter changes or other thermostatic requirements. These features not only prevent energy waste, but they are quite beneficial for your health or your pets and plants.

6. Entertainment and Smart Home Theaters

One of the best features of a smart home is that you can always have a unique movie experience. Thanks to the light technology, you can adjust the brightness level of the lights as you please for your ultimate home theater experience.

Play music in the background to boost the atmosphere and add special effects. You can also adjust your lighting system to turn down the lights to the desired brightness once you hit the “Play” button and light up when you hit “Pause”.

7. Smart Kitchen Appliances and Gadgets

Smart homes can be connected with kitchen appliances and gadgets that allow you to start off your day on the right foot. For example, you can set your coffee machine to start brewing coffee before you wake up, so you don’t have to waste time in the morning. If you have to get a present for your loved ones, this is one of the best smart home gift ideas.

New refrigerators are revolutionizing kitchen appliances and gadgets besides the coffee machine. They can inform you about the current state of the food in the fridge room temperatures and even come with a camera so you can see what’s missing when you’re out shopping.

You can even set up the garbage bin to clean itself and prepare the trash in the evening so you can take it out. Connecting your kitchen appliances to your smart home allows you to keep your house pristine and clean without breaking a sweat.

8. Enhanced Connectivity with Smart Wi-Fi Systems

Smart Wi-Fi systems are the core of a smart home. Without an effective Wi-Fi system, you cannot connect your home and control it remotely. Installing wireless connectivity to your smart home allows you to control your HVAC system, the lighting, kitchen gadgets, cleaning robots, or music straight from your device. It’s one of the NFC tag smart home ideas we get to remember.

We all know that Wi-Fi in small and large houses works differently. Large houses face many issues with internet connectivity, and many people fear automating their homes for loss of connectivity. With the fast evolution of technology, mesh Wi-Fi can join multiple broadcasters and create a single network. That way, the smart home has a sustainable network connection at your disposal.

9. Smart Home Monitoring and Analytics

smart home device

Smart homes run by picking up data and monitoring the state of the house. For example, you will get immediate notification if there’s more humidity in the air or if the air is dry. This will cause the air purifier to turn on and regulate the air quality in the room. Air quality is highly important for household members, but it may also affect the growth of your indoor plants.

Connected home devices communicate with each other, analyze and organize the results, and notify you when they are done. However, the benefits do not end here. You will constantly have insights about the current state of your home. That includes security, the house conditions, and even what’s in the fridge. Based on this accurate and real-time data, you can plan your future investments and regulate your house budget.

10. Personal Health and Wellbeing with Smart Home Devices

Smart wellness gadgets significantly improve people’s health and well-being by keeping the home clean and purified. However, there are specific health and wellness smart gadgets that can be connected and improve your overall well-being.

Let’s look at smart scales. These gadgets follow and track your body composition, including your posture, similar to the smartwatches that keep track of your heart rate and blood oxygen levels.

There are air purifiers that control the air quality and ensure that harmful particles cannot transmit or develop allergies. These are great for the spring season because even if you’re not allergic to pollen, you may develop it if you’re exposed to it for too long.

Wellness-wise, there are gadgets that connect to other systems in your house, for example, lights, showers, and music, and provide an excellent spa experience at your home. According to Science Direct research, 58 out of 81 participants in the survey answered that smart devices impacted their overall well-being during the pandemic and quarantines.


Home systems are massively adopted in 2023, and they are expected to reach a peak in 2027. Connecting all your smart devices to your phone allows you to have insight and full home analysis, improves the lifestyle, and spares homeowners time from the necessary home chores.

Investing in your home is always the best idea. You deserve to have the best home experience, and we should all treat our homes as a temple. We hope these smart home ideas helped you form an opinion and that you have learned what it actually means.


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