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Dragonfly Wind Generator Plans
, blades and links for a DRAGONFLY, low cost proven wind generator. Since 1979. Typical use supplies 12 v. fluorescent or LED light, radio, and laptop for a cabin. Parts are off the shelf. Maintenance is uncomplicated. Download link sent by email.More


Plans for a Power Jig-Plane for fast production of Dragonfly Turbine Blades Shapes the twist foil of one blade in about 3 minutes, a band-saw cut takes about 2 minutes, sanding and finishing take maybe 5 to 10 minutes (no paint). Total time including walking between machines, sips of coffee, yawning & scratching: 10 to 20 minutes for one blade. 9.3 mb.Download now

Bad Coon
~as free as it gets~

New & Improved!
Bad CoonBrand Chicken Coop Door Timer

Automatic timer closes your chicken door at night so you can go to the show & not worry about the little dears.

Bad CoonBrand Bear Chasing Mousetrap

Keeps Bears and Coons out of your fruit trees.

Electric Wheelbarrow

Electric Wheelbarrow

Using a motorcycle rear fork. Based on an oriental, medieval design with a large central cart wheel for uneven terrain. It only has one speed, the power is from a ford starter.
Another immaculate design by Bad CoonBrand stuff

Free Zip File Download: 222 Mb

28k Dialup: 32.5 days
DSL : 15 min.
Info. for kids

Raising Butterflies, Quicktime video CD and Reference Manual

25 minute video, Age 9 & up. Covers: non technical equipment & procedure, gender ID, feeding, handling, diseases, parasites, releasing & ecological concerns. Social content approved by Calif. State Board of Education compliance review.

Interactive Reference Manual & Youtube Link


A butterfly population explosion

508K, Beta Freeware
Bugs are all sanitary
(mac classic only)

Horostat 1.0 Software

The statistical probabilities of Astrological events. Draws charts, graphs, gives odds against random chance for groups of user selected events. Indicates sign associations are valid and some aspects are not. A tool. No interpretation printout. Semi-Demo

Water System Leak Tester
Another fine product by Bad Coon. Won't pinpoint a leak, but it will show the actual volume of loss.

VW Stuff:
Oil Light Beeper
Speedometer Repair
Exhaust Donut Hack
VW Muffler Brace

Back by popular demand The Adventures of Dingleberry
Jesus and Mo cartoon
Navarro Beach Funnies

Planned Obsolescence (You Tube) The story of stuff

And now The Right to Repair (boingboing)

Sweden proposes tax breaks for repairing things, extra tax on unrepairable things (boingboing)

A Spirit Bear Story (true story)

Why People Collect Butterflies (true myth)

Compact Fusion Research & Development (YouTube)

More 9-11 Evidence (YouTube) Yes, it will never go away.

A Trip To The Moon 1902, Silent with Voice Over (Video Flash Player)

Atheist's Notebook

Weapons of Mass Distruction (At last!)


Other Stuff

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