Earn on the Side: Different Ways to Get Extra Bucks with Your Car

woman holding a car key inside the car

Who doesn’t want to earn a little extra cash on the side, right? With fuel costs going up, motoring can be quite expensive now. The good news is you can use your car to make some extra cash to supplement your income. Whether you’re driving a brand new sedan in Detroit, MI or a used SUV in Phoenix, AZ, you can turn your vehicle into a four-wheeled money-making machine.

11 Ways to Make Money with Your Car

1. Drive people around.

One of the easiest ways to earn a little extra money is driving people around. Whether you hire out your services as a chauffeur or you get other people to carpool with you to and from work, the payment you receive for your driving services can go a long way.

2. Deliver various stuff for people.

Whether you deliver groceries, newspapers, or packages from Amazon, making your car available for such services will give you hundreds of dollars in earnings. Big thanks to the increasing popularity of online shopping, there is a rising demand for delivery drivers.

3. Use it for hauling and moving.

If you have a big enough van or truck and don’t mind doing some heavy lifting, you can offer hauling or moving services. You can help people move homes or just haul their junk to the local dump.

4. Mobile advertising.

Though this may not be the most popular side hustle of choice, it brings in a decent amount of money depending on the advertiser. Earn several hundred dollars a month as a mobile billboard for companies that need advertising. Not a bad deal for driving around town.

5. Provide airport shuttle service.

Consider specializing in taking people to and from the airport. This one might require a slightly larger vehicle than a compact or a sedan, especially if you are transporting a large group of travelers.

6. Rent it out.

If you are not particular with anyone driving your car, then you can rent out your car and charge a per-day rate that’s fair for you. You just need to set a schedule to meet up with the client on pick-up and return.

7. School bus.

If you have a big enough car to fit a small group of children, you can offer your services to your neighbors to drive their kids to school and pick them up afterward.

8. Provide roadside assistance.

If your knowledge about vehicles and car repairs is extensive, you can provide roadside assistance and rescue services to motorists who experience vehicular breakdowns on roads and highways.

9. Make video tutorials.

In the same breath as the point above, you can make video tutorials on different troubleshooting and car maintenance concerns and upload them on YouTube, Vimeo, and other similar streaming platforms. However, this may take some time before you actually reap the rewards.

10. Teach people how to drive.

If you think you have nerves of steel, you can consider giving driving lessons to those who are interested, provided they already have student permits. Some parents are too busy to teach their kids to drive while driving schools are expensive. You can come in and offer your services as an instructor and give very competitive rates.

11. Sell it.

Perhaps the easiest money-making hustle you can do with your car is selling it. If you have an extra vehicle or two that you’re no longer interested in, consider selling them. You can even get into the buy-and-sell business with some connections and know-how.

When it comes to making money to add to your income, a little creativity and resourcefulness go a long way. Sometimes, you don’t need to go out of your way to earn more. Take a look at what you have and make the most out of it.

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