What Parents Can Do to Help Kids Prepare for a New Chapter

dad and child

The world doesn’t stop turning for anyone, no matter how much a person wishes for a break. There will always be a new chapter starting in the book of life, whether it’s graduating from college or getting a job outside of one’s comfort zone. While it might be exciting to embark on a new journey, it can also be nerve-wracking, especially for those not used to it. There are no game walkthroughs or guidebooks that can specifically tell what one must do. However, parents can be a source of comfort and wisdom during these uncertain times to help ease the worries and fears of their children.

Here are some ways they can help through the process:

Help with research and share useful content

Transitions and changes always bring a new environment, whether deciding to move out and availing a custom home or chasing one’s dreams in another country. Since everything is new, people will need to familiarize themselves with their surroundings and other tidbits they need. Parents can help lighten a load of their children by also embarking through the research process and sharing the resources. Their network and wisdom might even come in handy, as they have more experience in handling life’s different chapters. They can give the contacts of experts or people that can shed light on their situation. Being equipped with the right information will increase the confidence of the children and help them make reasonable decisions.

Listen without judgment

mom and daughter

Whether they’re having a hard time or a smooth ride, children would appreciate having loved ones to listen to the stories of their adventures. Parents can become a possible source of positivity and motivation, especially if most people judge their decision. Children would also be more open about sharing their problems and insights if parents would listen with objectivity and sympathy. They will not do this if all they hear are criticisms, harsh words, and comparisons. A study made by Dr. Nicholas Christakis from Harvard Medical School shows the significant impact that being surrounded by a community of people that support you can give. They are more positive in their undertakings and have more hope in times of difficulties and challenges. The thought of having people behind their backs lowers feelings of isolation and anxiety.

Tell them it’s okay to make mistakes

Mistakes are inevitable whenever a person embarks in something new since you are starting as a beginner. For example, it won’t be a comfortable journey to become a full-time YouTube content creator after an eight-hour corporate job. You’re bound to fall and scrape your knees throughout the process. When mistakes happen, people can feel dejected and sad. Parents can help their children by reminding them that failures are only natural. They can even share a story when they underwent the same experiences and how these setbacks only help build one’s character for success. Learning from failure is what matters.

Beginning a new chapter will always carry mixed feelings of excitement and nervousness. Parents can become a part of their children’s journey by sharing helpful resources, listening without judging, and reminding them that mistakes are a part of life.

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