What It’s Like to Work in a Warehouse


Some people have certain misconceptions about warehouse jobs that could deter them from enjoying a fruitful career in this industry. Some even think that all warehouse employees do is check the items on the small table top conveyors to make sure they are in perfect condition.

If you want to know more about what warehouse jobs are like, read on.

Your experience is not the sole prerequisite

Just because you have worked in a warehouse before, it does not mean your experience is enough to land yourself another job in another facility. According to HR managers, they also look for other qualities, including dedication, independence, communication, motivation, reliability, and work ethic.

These aspects are what HR managers refer to as soft skills. If they see that applicants do not exhibit any of the skills above, their chances of getting hired are low.

Warehouses like to groom their own people

Unlike companies in the corporate world, warehouses prefer to promote their own people as opposed to hiring others for higher positions. Their thinking is that these people already know how their system works.

It is also for practical reasons because they want their own people to stay with them as long as they can. If they hire other people to be their supervisor, the other workers who have been with the company for years might feel that there is no growth for them.

This way, they can reassure their workers that as long as they work hard and stay loyal to the company, they can be promoted and be given the appropriate benefits.


It does not take too long to get promoted

Surprisingly, it does not take several years of hard work and choosing to stay in the same warehouse to be promoted. As long as you work hard and are willing to take on more responsibilities, you can get promoted after a few months.

It also helps if you show that you are trying to learn other tasks in the warehouse. Those who take the time to learn the other procedures and tasks in a warehouse are people willing to rise to the top and be a manager.

Working in smaller warehouses has its own advantages

Those who want to earn big in the warehouse industry would likely apply for a large multinational company because they pay big. But some warehouse employees have discovered that working for smaller facilities that are family-owned have benefits that big warehouses cannot provide.

One particular advantage in working for a smaller warehouse is that the owners or managers are much more empathetic towards their employees. Some people say that it is harder to ask for certain favors, like getting off work early due to an emergency, when you are working for a big company. Most large companies have strict schedules they need to follow.

But with smaller warehouses, the employees and the owners treat each other like family. So with smaller warehouse facilities, they are much more lenient when it comes to their employees.

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