Tricks to Achieve a Minimalist Home

Living room

Minimalism is undeniably one of the most popular trends today, especially in interior design. Since the day the movement caught traction, many have joined the bandwagon, and with good reason. Full disclosure, though: if you’re new to this, don’t expect the journey to be comfortable. Keep these tricks in your pocket, and we’re sure they’ll prove useful in one way or another.

Embrace Blank Space

A gallery of family photos is lovely, but it doesn’t exactly make for a minimalist home. A wall covered with artworks and photographs adorned with bulky, uncoordinated frames make a space look too busy. This doesn’t mean, however, that you have to throw all those memorabilia away. What you can do is leave at least one wall blank in every room. A frame or two will do for the rest of the walls.

Mindful Consumption

Here’s the truth: There’s no way you can achieve a minimalist style for your home if you continue to purchase unnecessary stuff. Remember, less is more. The tricky part is, when people are shopping, they convince themselves that they need the item they have their eyes on. They have to buy it, or they’ll think of it on the way home. “Oh, that chair is so cute! It will be perfect for my living room.” And so, you bring the new stuff into your abode. Before you know it, your home is already filled with things you don’t need.

How do you stop this cycle? Don’t get carried away by your excitement. Let the rush subside, and then ask yourself if the item is essential to your daily living. If the answer is no, then walk past it and move on to the next aisle.

Practice the One in, One Out Philosophy

The idea is for every item you bring home, you must take something else out. This way, things won’t pile up in your place. Now, it’s easier said than done, we know. Don’t worry, though. You can tweak the habit a bit. The item you let go doesn’t need to have the same function as the item you take in. They only have to be of the same size. For example, if you’re buying a chair, you don’t have to say goodbye to your old chair. An end table will be a good substitute.

Be Smart with Storage

Smart storages

When you’ve already accumulated a lot of stuff from years of mindless buying, reducing clutter can be overwhelming. To go about it, give or throw away the things you don’t need. You will then be left with the items you don’t often use and those you need daily. Keep the less-used items out of sight by storing them in bins in the garage. The daily essentials should always be within your reach; don’t leave them lying around the room. Designate a place for each item.

Now that’s unbelievably simple, isn’t it? But, what if you came to the point of rethinking the items you identify yourself with? Hide or arrange what you can’t get rid of. If you have a vast collection of records that you can’t forgo, display them neatly and stylishly on a simple shelf. Speaking of furniture pieces made for a clutter-free and appealing living space, consider a sleek TV console from Singapore. It provides ample storage while adding personality to the entire room.

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