Simple Ways to Start a Healthier Home Life

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Living a healthier lifestyle should start at home. The average person spends a good majority of their living hours indoors. For most people, that means two things: the workplace and the home. You might not be able to control what’s in your workplace – apart from what’s on your desk and in your drawers – but you can control what’s in your home. Here are some ways to make your home life a lot healthier:

Air Out Your Home

When was the last time you opened your doors and windows to let the stale indoor air out and allow the fresh outdoor air in? Some studies suggest many homes have indoor air that’s more polluted than outdoor air. Airing out your home for at least 30 minutes every day can do wonders in making your indoor air safer and better for your health. It’s as easy as opening your windows and doors. You’ll even save energy by doing this.

Remove Indoor Pollutants

Bug sprays and other products that come in spray cans are often a leading culprit in indoor air pollution. Reduce your use of pesticides and other chemicals, even those that are labeled as safe for daily use. Install carbon monoxide detectors and make sure to replace the batteries immediately when they run low. And whatever you do, don’t smoke inside your house. You can’t quickly get rid of tobacco smoke; it stays on your walls, carpets, curtains, and just about anything exposed to it. This might be your cue to drop the habit altogether.

Spend More Time Outdoors

Many Australians are fond of the outdoors, but not everybody has the time, energy, or inclination to walk and camp out in the woods. It’s healthy to exercise outdoors, but it’s also a good idea to make sure you have your little outdoor spot at home. If you have a patio but rarely ever use it, now is the time to change your habits. Stratco patios are Brisbane favorites, so think about them if you want to give your patio some shade, as extended exposure to the sun can go against your intention of living a healthier lifestyle. Instead of having breakfast at the dining table or the kitchen island, for example, consider having it on your patio.

Surround Your Home with Plants

lawn with water sprinkler and orange tulips

Speaking of patios, they’re practically useless if plant life is absent around them. Planting a garden is an inexpensive hobby that is also known for being healthy. It’s one of the most suggested hobbies for people of advanced age. You can start planting at any age and enjoy the benefits, such as more oxygen and that feeling of fulfillment whenever your plants turn out green and healthy.

Keep Your Home Clean

You don’t have to spend anything to make your home more habitable. General cleaning only takes one or two weekends and some elbow grease. While you’re at it, think about decluttering your entire home. Sell, donate, or throw out whatever you haven’t used in a year. After that, however, make it a habit to spot clean your home now and then. Your bathroom and your kitchen are the areas in your home that are regularly exposed to moisture. Moisture is good for harboring mold, germs, and critters, and bad for your wellbeing. Make sure to keep those areas clean and dry. Don’t forget to remove grease from your cooking spaces, as well.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about making changes to your habits and routines. It’s also about organizing your home, where it all begins. Follow these suggestions to enjoy a happier home life.

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