Selling an Empty Land: Having the Right Perspective

Entrance hallway with cabinet. View of entrance porch through open door

Going to open houses is an exciting activity in itself. After all, this is the chance for you to finally have a look at your neighbour’s house without actually having to trespass. But if you are tasked to sell an empty land, expect some challenges that are less exciting for you as a seller.

That land for sale here in Geelong, Victoria will be harder to market and sell as compared to a house and land in the same area. However, the good news is, it is not an impossible feat. In fact, people continue to capitalise on empty lands because they are good investments.

Below are some perspectives that would be great to have to make the land selling part as smooth as possible.

Buyer mindset is different from the usual

People looking for residential properties usually have either or two goals in mind, to find a place to live or an investment that they can benefit from through renting. However, when it comes to selling an empty land, one is dealing with buyers with different goals and mindset.

Some are businessmen looking for a place to establish their business. Others would simply like to hold on to a property to eventually sell. Then there are others who plan on eventually building their own house in it.

Understanding your buyers’ mindset as well as the potential of your space is important to make the right sale.

Prep your land for viewing

Open houses are done to encourage buyers to buy the property. Some repairs and renovation can make a lot of difference and can make the place more saleable. However, when it comes to an empty land, making it appear saleable is tricky.

After all, what can you put in an empty space? But having it surveyed and garnering necessary information that your buyers will look for would be crucial. Also, cutting those weeds out and cleaning up unwanted plant growths can help your buyer see the land’s full potential for whatever needs they are looking for.

It will take time and would require patience

Home sellers are afraid to have their properties be on the stale list. But land sellers understand that selling an empty land will take longer and would require more patience than selling a residential or commercial property.

Most of the time, they use it to their advantage through improving their marketing strategy.

Having the right price is always important

Having a tour of the property

Like in any other sale, pricing your properties right is always important. If your property is reasonably priced when you put it up for sale to the public, it will attract more potential buyers and will eventually make the whole process a lot easier.

Current market research and professional guidance will come in handy when pricing your property based on its value without compromising your profit.

Having the right perspective when selling an empty land might seem difficult. But the more you understand how the field works, the easier it will be for you to sell your property.

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