Parenting 101 for the Modern Entrepreneur


Family life; we’re all excited for this new chapter and the countless experiences awaiting us, watching your kids grow, and spending every moment in bliss. To the majority of couples, this new page marks the pinnacle of their story as they now become a loving family and welcome the changes that come with it.

However, the experience isn’t made equal for everyone, and some parents have it much harder than others. Especially for entrepreneurs, they now have to juggle both their business responsibilities and their role as a parent. And this conflict of time management and interests often leads them down a very treacherous path unhealthy for their well-being.

But don’t lose hope!

Just because it’s harder doesn’t mean it’s impossible, and if there’s anyone who holds the grit and willpower to workaround this new chapter, it’s you — the entrepreneur. So here are key takeaways you’ll need to observe, practice, and adapt in your new life to stay a successful entrepreneur and responsible parent.

Always Make Time

Time is everything, both in your career and family life. But as an entrepreneur and parent, you will need to start valuing your time more than you ever did before. One huge issue with parents well-immersed in the business industry is that they often get too engrossed in their work. So much so that entrepreneurs don’t notice how much time has passed until it’s too late and there’s no time left for play.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a hard-working persona, but even if it’s good for your career doesn’t mean it will translate to your role as a parent. In this case, you will need to set aside time to respond to your child. They only grow up once, and the last thing you’d want is missing out.

  • Play Games: When making time for your kids, understand that they’re children and that much of their early childhood is spent having fun. So remember not to be uptight with everything, let loose for a bit, and enjoy a game or two with the little ones. Not only will they have fun, but this also works as a great stress reliever.
  • Teach Them New Things: Games are fun and all, but it is also your responsibility as a parent to teach them new things and guide them through their early years. As a rule of thumb, try incorporating educational objectives or skill development into the activities you and the kids do. ; Try your best to blend fun and learning together.

Separate Your Professional and Family Life

As an entrepreneur, we understand that many facets of your professional life require your utmost attention and focus. Whether it be managing your residential property and housing or closing a deal with new business partners, we know their significance and encourage you to continue striving.

However, even working under these parameters, you must understand that there is a need to draw a line between your professional life and family life. Not only for better time management but also to keep you from burning out. When you can distinguish the two, this prevents any stress from one unnecessarily leaking to the other.

  • Don’t Set Expectations: Expectations work best in a career; they help clarify an objective and double-down as goals. However, when it comes to parenting, do avoid setting high expectations for your children. They’re still growing, going through changes, and continuously learning. You can’t expect the same high caliber you can offer, let them be their own person, and focus on their happiness.
  • Show Your Love: Children respond best with emotions, and one thing that they need the most reassurance is your love. Often, work can make the best of us numb to emotions and only recognize efficiency and productivity. So don’t let that leak into your family life, and remember to show your love. Whether it through saying it or actions, ensure that they feel your unconditional love.

KidsUnderstand Them

Last but not least, always be understanding. At their core, children will be children, prone to making mistakes, learning through experience, and still learning about the world. Don’t hold these new experiences against them, but instead support and guide them. Your role as a parent is to make every step of the way a learning process, one that will shape them into a good and kind person.

In business terms, look at them as a start-up. They have plenty to offer, much room to grow, and a bright future ahead of them. In return, what they need is your time and emotional investment to help them reach their goals and achieve growth.

Enjoy the Journey

In conclusion, if you want to rock both roles as a responsible parent and successful entrepreneur, it will take some changing and adapting. But overall, never forget to enjoy the journey. Make it a top priority to teach your children values, learn from each other, and create memories lasting for a lifetime.

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