Low-Cost Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Startup Liquor Brand

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Congratulations! Now that your liquor business is up and running, one of your main concerns is to gain more clients while keeping your costs at bay. Luckily, you can now market your brand in various ways that support your budget and business goals.

If you need more ideas on how to boost brand awareness and increase the sales of your startup, you can consider the following tips.

Optimize Your Website for Mobile Users

The days, most people spend their free time online socializing with friends, entertaining themselves, and looking for things they both want and need. Statistics show that in July 2020 alone, there were 4.57 billion active internet users. In 2020, there was an estimated number of 3.8 billion smartphone users. This only goes to show that your target audiences are on their smartphones looking for the kind of product you have to offer.

It is not enough that you have a professional website where you showcase your products and boost their quality. If you don’t optimize your site for mobile users, then you could already be losing profit. While most internet users want businesses to have their own website, they often make use of their smartphones to look for the products they need.

You need to make sure your website loads in mobiles fast, the images are of the right size and the fonts and colors used can easily be read on the smaller screen. Make sure to invest in a responsive design so that consumers can easily share the content you posted on your website to other platforms.

Build a Following on Social Media

Up to 3.6 billion people are now active social media users. If you want a free opportunity to boost brand awareness, then consider creating business pages on different social media sites. Do a bit of research to know where your target audiences are and how they use social media.

Boost your following organically by compelling and valuable content. Be consistent with your branding, engage with your audiences, and keep an eye on your competitors. You can use sponsored posts and paid advertisements to increase your reach. This will allow you to reach more audiences and grow your number of followers. Don’t forget to share exciting news, new products, and how to avail your offers on social media.

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Improve Your Packaging

Packaging helps your liquor products stand out on the shelves. But great packaging is not your only concern as consumers these days are more interested in sustainable packaging. If you use too many materials in packing your liquor, then this might trigger eco-conscious consumers. You want to ensure your packaging is consistent with your branding, looks good in the eyes, and packed in a way that shows you are a sustainable business. Get rid of unnecessary plastic labels and think of other ways to attract clients using eco-friendly materials.

For instance, you can consider investing in customized bottle neckers. These are usually made from paper, which means you get that beautiful marketing tag perfect for grabbing the attention of your customers. You can add these to your products and let your customers know you are offering an instant discount, freebies, or future discounts. You can get custom designs for your bottle neckers to make sure they get to represent your brand in the best light. The best thing about this is it is both eco-friendly and economical, letting you promote your product while keeping your costs low.

Collaborate With Influencers

Influencer marketing is a big hit these days for businesses of all sorts and sizes. You can reach out to influencers who are willing to review your products in exchange for a small fee or freebies. You don’t necessarily need to find influencers who already have millions of followers. One can start with local influencers with a sizeable following but already have followers who trust their product choices. Just make sure your influencer of choice is of legal age and has the same values as your brand.

You can ask help from influencers to invite their followers to join an online contest you’re hosting. Provide them with the necessary details that they can share with their followers. Explain the guidelines, what one can win, and what the influencer can get out of the collab. Make sure to take care of your influencer by giving them personalized gifts and your latest products. Also, be sure to tell your influencers to be honest when sharing sponsored content to retain transparency.

Since you’re still trying to introduce your liquor brand, it would be best to stick to low-cost marketing tactics that yield great results. Thanks to tech innovations, you can now reach more audiences without shedding much. Choose your marketing strategies wisely but don’t forget to stay true to your customers.

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