Is a Gated Community the Right Choice for Your Family?

Home Ownership

Buying a new home can be a daunting process for many new families. It’s a big decision that newly married couples with a baby have to consider. For instance, renting an apartment if it was just the two was a wise choice to make financially. But now that your family is growing, you have to consider the space you’re going to need as your child (or children) get older.

While the real estate industry continues to boom and you have a choice of land and property for sale out there, perhaps you should consider looking at homes inside a gated community? Here we’ve compiled a list of the pros and cons of living in gated communities.

The Advantages

Tightened Security

Most people associate gated communities as a luxury, but if home burglaries are things that worry you, a gated community would add an extra layer of protection and would ease your anxiety. It’s not just theft and other unsavoury acts that a gated community could prevent. You would also be protected from something as simple as a porch pirate who would dare to steal your mail and deliveries. It may not cause you any bodily harm but it certainly is frustrating.

A Sense of Exclusivity

Part of the reason you would feel safe from porch pirates and home invaders is because a gated community will afford you a sense of exclusivity. You would know most of your neighbors and you would more likely be in the same income class, as well. It’s true that it can be something of a status symbol when seen in that regard, but there’s certainly nothing wrong with wanting a better and improved way of living for you and your family.

Living in a Quiet Neighborhood

Sometimes, at the end of a hard day, all you want to do is put your feet up and enjoy a quiet evening at home. This is something that is not guaranteed if you live in a typical neighborhood, and most especially if you live in one that is close to major highways. Not only will you get the constant barrage of noises from cars and trucks, studies have shown that it can also cause your risk for dementia to spike.

This is something you don’t have to contend with in a gated community. Most of your neighbors want the same peace and quiet and will usually strive to be cognizant of your own needs.

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The Disadvantages

High Cost of Living

All these advantages are well and good but one of the biggest drawbacks of living in a gated community is the steep price you have to pay. And it’s not just the initial cost of the home that drive up the price. You would also be looking at ongoing costs such as higher property taxes and homeowner’s association fees. The latter, of course, includes paying for the maintenance of gates and for salaries of the community’s security personnel.

Invasion of Privacy and Strict Rules

Some gated neighborhood could indeed feel like a scene from “The Stepford Wives.” Some of your neighbors could genuinely be your friends, but you will also get the occasional one who would pretend to be your friend only to impose their beliefs on you. Add to this the fact that some homeowner’s rules could be very strict (even telling you the recommended length of the grass on your lawn) and a free spirit will immediately eschew the idea of living in a gated community.

At the end of the day, your choice should be what’s important to you and what matters for your family. Gated communities can provide a high level of security and comfort, but can you live with the strict rules? The above considerations should help you make a better, informed decision.

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