How Your Dining Table Affects Your Living Space

well lit dining room

The average home in Singapore costs $14,343 per square metre. That is not cheap. As a result of the expensive property prices, the average house in the country is smaller than in many other places. Since the average home has anywhere from one to five rooms, you may not be able to get the dedicated dining room that you want. But that does not mean you should not have the eating space you have always wanted.

So buy a dining table in Singapore after you have thought about the impact that it will have on your living space. Here are three issues you should think about:

1. The free space for other furniture pieces

How much space will you be left with once you buy your dining table? This is important to consider. The bigger the table, the less space you will have for other things. So you may have the eating area that you want, but you may also have to compromise on other things.

When space is an issue, you should pay close attention to the size of your dining table. It should not be wide because it will occupy a lot of floor space. Shop for narrow tables that take less space and serve the same function.

senior couple eating at the table

2. The movement of people in that space

It is easy to incorporate a dining table when you have a dedicated room to put it in. But even in a five-room home, that may not be possible. Your table may have to share space with other kinds of living room furniture. That is why the flow issues come in. Where should you place your dining table so that it has the least impact on how people move around your living room?

To improve movement, think about furniture that is compatible with the kind of home design that you have. Pay close attention to the layout. Could you have a better flow if you had a dining table that can occupy one end of your living room space? Or maybe you should put that dining table in the kitchen. Are there tables that are curved for rounded areas of your home to free up space for movement? Can you get a table that can fit in snugly in the corner of your living room or kitchen?

3. The functionality of the space

How practical is the dining table you want? In small areas, furniture pieces should be multi-functional. So apart from using your table to eat, can you use it for something else? For example, can it work well as home office furniture?

Shop around for dining tables with extra storage space. Think of racks in which you can store crockery and cutlery. Or the supporting columns should be narrower than the table surface to enable you to add dining stools that can be pushed out of the way when not in use. Some tables are also foldable, which means you can install them to be folded against the wall when you are not using them. Others have shelving on the side where you can put your recipe books, wine bottles, glasses, spices, placemats, etc.

There are many possibilities where modern dining tables are concerned. If you cannot buy the right table in your local store, shop in online furniture stores. You are more likely to find the right table for your eating needs that way, and it will be an excellent fit for even the smaller spaces.

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