How to Make Your International Relocation Hassle-free


Have you been dreaming of living in a different country for a while? Want to experience the thrill of living in a culture other than your own? International relocation used to be something retirees dreamed of. However, various reports have shown that more young couples and families are uprooting and settling down in other parts of the world.

Digital Nomad Visas

It’s now convenient and easy to settle down elsewhere because of the rise of digital nomads. In the past, if you wanted to become an expat, you’d have to work for a big corporation and work your way up the ranks until you’ve gained enough experience. You could then be sent to global branches to either be a department head or be a consultant for local counterparts.

Nowadays, armed with a laptop and digital savviness, many people (young and old) are opting to either travel the world while they work or settle down in one place outside of their home country. Plenty of countries are enticing these people by offering digital nomad visas where one could stay for an extended period and be allowed to work legally.

If this type of lifestyle sounds appealing to you, read on for tips on how to make your international relocation as fuss-free as possible.

Visit as a Tourist First

Before you make the significant decision of living in a different country permanently, go and visit your country of choice as a tourist first. Visit more than once so you can get a feel for the people and their culture. Do all the touristy things on your first visit and then start visiting neighborhoods on your second and third visits.

If you have school-aged kids, start looking at schools in the area as well. Talk to the locals and get their opinion on which schools are the best for international students.

Choose the Most Ideal Home and Location

new homeowners

Many of us dream of having a beachfront house but is it right for you when you move internationally? Before you make a down payment on that prime real estate for sale, you might want to check the strength of their Internet connection, for example. Also, how secluded is it? How easy or difficult would it be to get supplies in a pinch? Would you be able to get medical services quickly in case of an emergency?

These are just some questions you have to ask yourself when you start looking for a place to live in. Remember that some countries you would relocate to might not offer the same conveniences that you are used to. So when you’re ready to go house hunting, you’d have to carefully decide which things you can let go of and which ones are non-negotiables.

Maintain Strong Ties at Home

Just because you’ve decided that it’s best for you, your partner, and your family to move abroad doesn’t mean that other family members and friends would agree. Some might feel that your relocation means that you’re abandoning them, while others might fear for your safety. Don’t disregard or scoff at their feelings. Instead, make an effort to involve them in the process. Address any issue they have and make sure you communicate that you’ve done all your research.

If you’re moving with your children, you should also reassure them that moving internationally doesn’t mean they won’t get to see their grandparents or school friends anymore. Make sure they understand that anytime they feel homesick, Grandma and Grandpa are just a video call and a plane ride away.

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