Simple but Genius: Home Solutions to Everyday Issues

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As people got stuck at home during the pandemic, they got to take a look at their homes a little closer. With more time in their hands, they finally noticed some needed home improvements they would usually neglect when they were busy with their daily lives. They realize that there are a lot of smart ways they can do to make a better home. Let’s take a look at some home solutions that are simple yet genius.

Leaf Gutter

A gutter is prone to clogging. When this happens, water will not drain properly, and this may eventually cause problems to your home’s structure. There are traditional ways to clean your gutter; one is to do a regular maintenance check-up twice a year. The best time to do so is after fall and during spring to prepare your gutters for the incoming April rains.

Sometimes though, regular cleaning isn’t enough when you’re dealing with a lot of falling debris. Some solve this by installing gutter covers. Some gutter covers are not as effective as the others, though. Some still leave hard-to-clean leaf debris. This is where leaf gutters come in.

Investing in a leaf gutter protection installation allows you to have a problem-free and clog-free gutter. It has a nose-forward design that lets all debris easily fall to the ground without getting into your gutter.

Pressure washers

CNET provided ideas about pressure washers for beginners. A pressure washer, also known as a power washer, is a powerful tool in cleaning your home. It can clean hard-to-deal with dirt and grease that may have accumulated through years of neglect. It’s a great tool to clean your home’s sidings, deck, patios, and driveway.

Pressure washers work through gas or electrical power. Through a gas or electric-powered pump, water accelerates and produces high pressure. This high-pressured water coming out of the nozzle cleans surfaces and gets rid of tough dirt. As this may have too much pressure, it is advised to avoid using it on any living thing.

Steel Entry Door

The central, if not the main, feature of a home is its entry door. As they say, first impressions last; you must have a great entryway to leave a great impression on your guests about your home. A good way to do that is by replacing your old cranky door with an impressive steel door.

A steel door increases your home’s curb appeal and value. When you think of steel, you may associate it with gray and metal, but steel doors are actually customizable. You can choose a wood finish on your steel door; you can have the look of wood, but you have more durability with steel doors.

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Even Superman is dubbed as the “Man of Steel.” Steel is associated with strength, durability, and security. It’s harder to break than normal wood, thus adding protection to your home.

While you’re renovating your front door, why not throw a smart lock with it, too? According to USA Today, with a smart lock, you can conveniently check on your smartphone if you have locked your door or not. It’s a smart innovation for those people who keep forgetting or losing their keys.

Over-the-sink Dish Rack

Let’s go indoors this time. One of the most used parts of the home is the kitchen. The most common problem a kitchen has, especially when you’re living with a big family, is space. Sometimes, because you have too many kitchen items, it turns into a big pile of clutter, the epitome of disorganization.

One smart solution to this problem is going vertical. By looking up, you can install new shelves and storage space instead of putting everything on the kitchen counter. In terms of drying your dishes, on the other hand, it’s time to follow the Finnish way — use an over-the-sink dish rack.

You heard it right; instead of drying your dish on the side of your sink, dry it in a slotted dish rack installed directly above it. This way, you get more kitchen counter space; it saves you energy, too, as you won’t have to hand-dry your dishes anymore.

Fans for the Bugs

You cannot compare the wonderful feeling of living right next to nature. It’s breezy, fresh, and it’s infested with bugs. These flying pests can ruin the beautiful moment, but you cannot let them discourage you from living and being one with nature. There’s a simple solution to this — install fans. Doing so can efficiently ward off flying insects; mosquitoes and flies, in particular, cannot stand strong winds. It’s simple yet genius.

Solutions to problems at home might seem difficult to find, especially if these issues persist. But the answers are always around; you only have to know how to spot them.

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