Give 3 Sections of Your House a Makeover


Most of you have probably been staying in your homes more than ever these past few months because of the pandemic. Your daily routine most likely consists of beginning your day in the bedroom, going to the kitchen, hanging out in the living room, moving back and forth between the kitchen and living room, and finally ending your day in the bedroom. And until the vaccine for COVID-19 arrives, this will probably still be the daily scenario for many of you.

But what if you’re already getting tired of seeing the same sights at home? Then, it’s high time you give the most frequented parts of your home a makeover to make it look fresh in your eyes.


Start at the place where you get your nutrition every day: your kitchen. Since you won’t move things around your kitchen that much (the range hood will stay exactly where it is!), make small but impactful changes to the area. You can, for instance, change your kitchen cabinets’ copper knobs to pulls with a matte black finish.

Replacing your faucet with a new one will get the job done as well. But of course, you can also go big! You can always buy a new range or fridge. And if you have a big kitchen, why not have an island with a granite countertop built right in the middle of your kitchen?

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Living room

Next, make some changes to your living room, the part of your house where your family bonding activities usually take place. To start off, you can buy some items that’ll not only make your living come alive, but also serve a practical purpose. A couple of beanbags, for example, will add color to the area and be a comfortable piece of furniture to lounge on as well. If you don’t want to spend, however, rearrange stuff. Perhaps you can place your sofa from across a window instead of in front of it, so you can enjoy a view of the outside while relaxing in your living room.


Finally, save the best for last for when you spruce up your bedroom—your very own haven. For one, try playing with the color scheme of your bedroom. You can get new curtains or blinds and toss in a rug and some throw pillows to either contrast or complement your existing color motif. Better yet, change the color scheme altogether by giving your bedroom walls a fresh coat of paint or new wallpaper. Sometimes, though, a good scrub is all your bedroom needs to improve it. And while at it, consider ridding your room of unnecessary clutter as well to give it a fresh look and feel.

Make Your Home Come Alive

Like it or not, you might still be spending a lot of your time at home for a while longer, but you don’t have to be stuck in a house that bores you to tears. The good thing is that you can always avoid this by giving your kitchen, living room, and bedroom a timely makeover.

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