Garden Rooms: Bridging Nature and Homes

watering flowers in garden

An unobstructed view of your landscape is a sight to behold, so why not build a multi-functional space where you can have a view of your garden? There are a few things you can do to maximize your space at home and enjoy its landscape at the same time.

Multi-functional space

Setting up a space to take in a wonderful garden view every day would be perfect for any household. Garden rooms, for one, are a perfect solution for that as they can be versatile depending on the family’s needs.

A garden room is a room or series of rooms complete with structural elements such as roof, wall, ceiling, and furnishings. It can be partitioned or be an open space. It can also be attached to the house or become a separate structure itself. Garden room designs are reflective of an owner’s style, so it is customized for everyone’s needs. A good garden room can be a solarium or sunroom. It can be a sitting room during mornings to bask in the sun’s glorious rays or it can be a comfortable home office, complete with desks contrasting the lush backdrop. Working will be enjoyable in such atmosphere and view.

Points to consider

Building a garden room is easy if you hire the right contractors. But, it is best that you plan things ahead before consulting professionals. Here are some things to consider:

  • View

Observing the views from in and out of the house is rudimentary. This will give you an idea on which part of the landscape or garden would you like to highlight in the garden room. Would you like to highlight the evergreen tree, perhaps the rose bushes or the mountains in the background? These are determinants on where you would like the views to sit when you are inside the garden room.

  • Orientation

The sun’s orientation must also be taken into consideration as too much light and heat can be uncomfortable. Garden rooms are designed mostly with glass panels, so knowing where exactly where to put it adjacent to the sun’s position is important.

  • Scale


Garden rooms are spaces that create a feeling of intimacy, so placing décor, plants, and furnishings should be relative to the room. Also, the size of the room matters. It should be large enough to be useful and proportionate to the size of the house.

  • Repetition and rhythm

The repetition of elements brings a sense of unity and continuity. This concept creates a connection between spaces, making the garden room one with the rest of the house. Creating spaces from nothing takes time. It also requires careful planning and consideration. For the garden house to be truly a part of the home, you have to take these points and integrate them to whatever the purpose of the room would be. These are the exciting parts of creating a space, personalizing it as their own.

Garden rooms are a great way to appreciate nature. It is the bridge of the house interiors to the outside world. Importantly it is a sanctuary, where the family can relax and escape for a few minutes, or hours on end.

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