Fortifying Your Home: Make Your Home a Safer Place

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Crimes in the United States are gradually rising, with the country experiencing 381 incidents per 100,000 people. These crimes are most likely to be committed in urban areas, but there are cities with violent crime rates exceeding the national average, even in the safest states. Violence has found its way to homes, and invasion, attacks, or robberies are becoming a widespread problem in most residencies.

Many houses and properties for sale in many cities often cite the safety of the neighborhood or the security the property offers possible owners, but there are five different ways you can transform that property into a more secure and truly safe haven.

Secure Windows

Windows littered around your home is perfect for letting natural light in, but unfortunately, the light won’t be your only guests if your windows aren’t secured enough. Since most windows are made of glass, they make it easy for any burglars and other unwanted guests to break-in. The best ways to fortify your windows are by replacing it with bulletproof glass if you have the budget, but if you don’t, you can reinforce windows with a security film that prevents the glass from shattering or placing burglar bars on the inside.

Light Up Your Home

Burglars, vandals, and other unlawful individuals don’t like being in the spotlight, and one of the most cost-effective ways you can deter them is by using outdoor lighting. It’s best to place lights around rooms inside your home with no windows, front or back yards, pathways, and garage. Ensure you place these lighting fixtures in a position that shines away from the house to avoid making you visible from the outside.

Secure Doors

Besides windows, the other point of entry of any home is doors. Security measures that you can apply to doors are installing a deadbolt, which is harder to pick-lock, reinforcing your strike plates that hold the door frame in place, and using heftier, longer screws around your doors. If you have the means, it’s a good idea to invest in a smart lock as it allows you to lock and unlock a door from your mobile devices.


Install Security Cameras

Installing a camera surveillance system is a home security solution that works as a deterrent and a means to get justice if you’ve already experienced a break-in. It’s best to invest in security cameras that you control using your phone, allowing you to monitor your home’s surroundings in real-time. Cameras with motion detection are also good choices as they alert you when unwanted lurkers go near your home. Install security cameras at your front yard, main door, back yard, and garage to give you a full scope of your property.

Tuck Away Weapons for Emergencies

When a worst-case scenario occurs, such as a burglar getting inside your home, you’ll need to defend yourself and your family. That’s why it’s best to have a weapon of self-defense, not necessarily guns or knives around the main rooms around your home, including the living room, bedroom, and kitchen. You can do with a baseball bat, a poker, a baton, or arnis. Although this may be challenging to achieve, if you have curious kids at home, there are unlimited places you can stash your weapons, including behind wall art or inside fake electrical outlets.

Home security should be a top priority for any homeowner, and because conditions in our society constantly change, it’s not unreasonable to fortify your home now.



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