Enjoy Your House Today and Still Make Money in the Future


Home improvements can be counted as investments if ever you decide to sell your house in the future. However, particular upgrades and additions pull in more money than others. Of course, cohesiveness is essential, and you want all parts of your house to retain the same feel.

A Modern Kitchen

Updated and functional kitchens are a big draw for buyers with kids or planning to have them. Remodel your kitchen with stone countertops and a separate benchtop. Quartz or granite countertops and benchtops add a flair of luxury to your kitchen while still being practical. Note that exposure to the sun can cause your stone countertops to fade and discolor, and you’ll need UV film on your windows to keep your countertops looking brand-new.

Your kitchen tiles should match or blend with your countertops. Large tiles are preferable and stick to professional or straightforward patterns. Buy some extra tiles in case of unexpected damage since tile patterns change throughout the year. High-end appliances complete the look of your modern kitchen. Limit your purchases to one or two brands to maintain a cohesive look and opt for devices with good energy ratings. Kitchen upgrades can be expensive. However, you retain an ROI of 70-80 percent when selling even after five years.

Elegant Bathrooms

Some of the most critical rooms in the house when it comes to selling are the bathrooms. A rundown bathroom will immediately dissuade potential buyers the same way overly opulent ones will. Upgrade your bathroom floors with proper tiles. Modern tiles can have the appearance of wood, stone, or any other material. Just make sure your choice blends well with the bathroom’s overall design. You can also opt to use polished concrete.

The solid stone look of concrete can look very elegant, and the single surface eliminates the need for grouting and makes it easier to clean. Install a new vanity, preferably with a stone countertop. You can always give it a fresh coat of paint when/if you decide to sell. You also might want to consider making your bathrooms more accessible and open to senior-friendly upgrades. The median age of home buyers has risen to 47, and retired seniors are increasingly buying homes.

Functional Outdoor Areas


Backyard decks and wooden patios increase the apparent size of your house as well as perceived usable space. They also take up lawn space, which means less grass to worry about. Of course, decking needs proper maintenance and adequate waterproofing options if you’re going to sell your house in 5-10 years.

Add an outdoor kitchen to your deck or patio and see a spike in your property value. An outdoor kitchen expands your home, adding a sense of openness while still being functional. It is great for small gatherings as well as large families. Outdoor kitchens are growing in popularity and typically have an ROI of 100-200 percent.

Home improvements make your house more livable while simultaneously increasing its property value. You can enjoy your house to the fullest but still have the option to let go of it at a later date.

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