How Graphic Designers Can Help Different Industries during the Pandemic

Graphic Designer

The pandemic has compelled many companies to go online to connect with their target markets. However, the huge number of companies that entered the online market has made it challenging for new companies to make their presence felt online.

Therefore, these companies have had to work with graphic designers to enhance their overall look to make them appealing to their market. Graphic designers have the talent and skill to create images that can communicate the messages and ideas of their clients.

While the retail industry is among the biggest markets of graphic designers, other industries also need their help. Here are the different industries requiring the help of graphic designers.

Manufacturing Industry

While most of the work in the manufacturing industry is putting together products, some aspects require the creativity offered by a graphic designer. Graphic designers typically create the overall look of the package of the product. They put together images, text, and layout that can catch the attention of potential buyers. Once they catch their audience’s attention, the product’s look can convert them from potential to actual buyers.

Aside from the packaging, graphic designers also help manufacturers in designing the product itself. The designs focus on form and function. Designers ensure these products do not only look good but also work the way they are designed to work. More often, manufacturers work with graphic design companies due to the fast turnaround time requirements for their products and packaging.

Publishing Industry

Even as the publishing industry faces a huge challenge with the emergence of electronic media, physical books are still outselling e-books. Hence, graphic designers in the industry will continue to create images for printed works that people can see on books, newspapers, and magazines. They also design the layout of the printed material to make the content eye-catching and easy to read.

Many graphic designers may have transferred to other industries, but the publishing industry will continue to require the services of graphic designers. Some companies may even shift their focus to freelancers who can provide their services on a per-project basis.

Aside from physical books, some publishers also offer electronic versions of their products. These products still require notable images and good layouts, which are among the skills that graphic designers bring to the table.

Graphic Designer

Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry also needs graphic designers to allow companies to catch the attention of potential homebuyers. With the real estate industry experiencing a surge since last year, real estate companies have to enhance their overall look to make them appealing to their market. This means real estate companies need the help of graphic designers to work on their logo and overall appearance.

Real estate companies also need help in creating posters for the properties they have for sale. These posters can show useful information, including the basic features of the house, the best mortgage rates available, and the contact details of the realtor. Showing this information is particularly important since potential homebuyers are on the lookout for the most sensible deals they can get.

Additionally, graphic designers can also recommend colors that affect the psychology of homebuyers. For instance, blue implies security and serenity, while red expresses courage, passion, and strength.

Advertising Industry

The advertising industry also requires help from graphic designers who create animations and visual illustrations for ad campaigns. These companies may hire graphic designers to become a part of their regular staff or get self-employed designers who work on a per-project basis.

There are also instances when companies have a regular graphic designer on their staff who gets assistance from freelance professionals. This is particularly true when advertising companies have a huge number of clients but have their graphic designers unable to keep up with the deadlines. This makes it necessary for advertising companies to get the services of freelancers to help with the work.

Education Industry

In terms of education, graphic designers have the knowledge and skill to become art teachers. They can also discuss the different ways of creating designs as a lecturer for other professionals. If they have a lot of experience in the field, graphic designers can also secure teaching positions at community colleges or art schools.

Education is an excellent path for graphic designers who enjoy teaching. The growth in the industry depends on the school district where the designer teaches. If he’s teaching at the university level, he may want to get an advanced degree so he can go up further in the ranks of the university faculty.

Graphic designers have a lot of options when it comes to finding a job in any industry. They can either work as a regular employee in a company or offer their services on a per-project basis.

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