Efficiently Planning a Small House to Be Guest-Ready

small house

Millennials are approaching their 30s, and they are redefining their priorities. The 2020 Housing Market Predictions of the Realtor.com projected that the mortgage share of millennials would be more than 50 percent by spring. This number exceeds those of the older generations, with Generation X being 32 percent and Baby Boomers at 17 percent.

This number can be attributed to the size of the millennial population. The number of millennials turning 30 is 4.8 million. It is usually around this age that people consider big financial decisions. One of them is searching for properties for sale, as purchasing a home is typically a precedent for starting a family. On the other hand, millennials may be tired of paying rent, so they carry out loans. At least, in the latter, they end up owning a property.

Millennials also prefer small houses because of financial constraints and smaller families or none at all. Small houses are also easier to clean, so they can spend more time with their hobbies and socialising rather than completing chores.

On the other hand, living in a small space can make you feel boxed in. A study found that 55 percent of people living in smaller homes find it a challenge to cater to guests. 47 percent of the respondents also have difficulty finding a place for their hobbies.

Creating a Multi-Purpose Space

Making a small house livable is all about maximising space and innovation. Because of how spaces have shrunk in apartments and housing, Foldable furniture has proven to be useful.

Foldable furniture can be mounted on the wall and hidden in plain sight. When needed, the homeowner can pull it out to reveal its full form. Creating a space for different purposes without taking up too much space is possible. What appears to be a flat wall and floor can be a table, a bed, an entertainment console, etc.

For example, you can add storage on the floor, making it appear like a deck. The compartments can open vertically to reveal your things. When visitors are around, you can place a mattress on it and turn it into a guest room. The deck can be surrounded by cabinets on the wall that contain the study table, the white screen, and the projector. As a result, the space becomes a storage unit, a guest room, an entertainment room, and a work area.

Under-Counter Fridge

under the counter fridge

A full-sized fridge can be too bulky for a small kitchen. By embedding them in the counters, you’re saving a lot of space. Under-counter refrigerators are one that is embedded into the counters. They camouflage as one of the cabinets or drawers. Some have a stainless-steel finish and don’t pose as cabinets.

Others who might not be comfortable having a small fridge can buy a standing, one-door one and then supplement it with an under-counter fridge. The under-counter fridge can contain drinks, snacks, fruits, or vegetables.

They’re convenient when you’re cooking because you don’t have to walk a few more steps to the fridge. Instead, you can open a drawer right where you’re about to chop some fruits and vegetables. You can also place an under-counter fridge under the bar or facing out of the kitchen. This way, guests can freely reach for drinks when they’re sitting by the bar or the counter. That will avoid congestion in the kitchen while you’re cooking the menu.

Outdoor Spaces for Hanging Out

Utilising outdoor space will give you more room for hobbies and entertaining guests. Sprucing the backyard can be cleaning out the weeds and the junk. If you want to take it a step further, add some plants or landscape the space. That could be a more airy and spacious area to be around people.

For lots that don’t have enough outdoor space, owners can go a little extra and request a roof deck at the planning process of construction. You can add some plants or add a polycarbonate roof to cool the space, especially in the peak hours of sunlight. This place is peaceful because it’s secluded from the people living in the house and the rest of the neighbourhood.

Living in a small space is a challenge, but the wise use of space and technology helps solve this problem. The help of multi functional furniture and storage hides the clutter that takes up a lot of space in the home. People should also move around the kitchen, so using an under-counter refrigerator is a convenient option. Lastly, don’t forget about the outdoor space — it’s still a part of the home.

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