Can You Sell a Foreclosed Home?

Buying a house

Buying a house can involve a lot of paperwork and process to complete a transaction. There are a lot of homes for sale in Daybreak, Utah, that you can consider. Owning one out of blood, sweat, tears, and hard work can be very fulfilling and an important milestone in your adult life. But sometimes, unexpected things happen that can affect a lot on your financial capabilities, including your mortgage payment.
The last thing paying homeowners want to happen is property foreclosure. Hard times may come at an unexpected time which can affect the homeowner’s ability to pay their home loans on time. However, this is a reality for a lot of homeowners — and a heart-breaking one at that.

In such cases, you might think about whether you can do something about your foreclosed property. One way is to sell your foreclosed home in order to pay your outstanding loans and including the penalty. In some states, you can be able to repurchase your home during the given “take-back period,” which can be within 30 days to as much as two years.

How foreclosure works

Your property will be defaulted or foreclosed when you are not able to pay your loan on time. It usually starts when you receive a notice of default when you have missed a payment on the fourth consecutive time. The entire foreclosure process can take anywhere between six months to a year, or even more than a year, depending on your agreement with the lender.

You can avoid foreclosure by trying to sell it. The amount paid should cover the remaining balance you still owe to the lender. Before that, you should inform your lender that you are planning to sell your property as a way to pay off the remaining mortgage balance.

The lender may give you a chance to look for a buyer before putting your property into an auction. You can ask the lender the duration you need to find a buyer or else your house will be put into auction or repossessed by the bank. It depends on the state you live in — some are auctioned within a month, while others can be put off until a year later.

How to sell a foreclosed house

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If you have a foreclosed property that you want to save or at least pay for your remaining loan balance, here are some tips that can help you.

  • As mentioned, you should inform your lender that you are planning to sell the house to pay off your loan. Let your lender also know why you are missing out on regular payment. It may be because of financial problems or whatever it is just, so the lender knows your situation.
  • Hire a real estate agent and a real estate lawyer to help you with the selling process. It can add up to your expenses, but at least you’ve got help from the experts.
  • Discuss with your lender about the deficiency judgment. Lenders may file legal actions against a homeowner if the sales proceeds are not able to cover the entire loan balance. With deficiency judgment, you and the lender may agree not to take legal actions in case such a thing happens.
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