6 Supplies That Your Office Can Recycle

Shredded Paper

Almost all office supplies are recyclable, but you may not even entertain the idea. Companies are spending a lot of money on proper waste disposal, which should trigger business owners to find cost-effective solutions in managing office junk. Once you find a way to repurpose waste, your company can profit from recycling and transition into an eco-friendly establishment. You must be aware of the office supplies you can recycle. Here are a few recyclable items that can slip off of your mind.

Shredded Paper

Paper is one of the most common recyclable materials located in an office. Many companies are prioritising paper recycling systems to help promote a green environment. However, you may have a lot of classified company documents that need to go through the shredder. It is possible to think that shredded paper is unsavable. Fortunately, there are recycling companies that can repurpose bulks of confetti-sized paper into compost bin material. The papers can absorb liquid from food waste and other oily items, which will be helpful when disposing of office waste.


Office supplies often come in cardboard packages, which means that you will have a lot of them lying around the office. If they end up getting burned to waste, the cardboards may emit hazardous gas that can be harmful to the environment. Cereal boxes and pizza boxes are also cardboard materials. To avoid harming the environment, you need to find a company that can offer cardboard recycling services. As it is similar to paper, you can find a lot of ways to repurpose cardboard.

Ink Cartridges

Ink cartridges contain a lot of toxic materials. Improper management of empty ink cartridges may harm the environment. A wandering animal may die if it finds its way to mountains of cartridge trash. Almost all office supply retailers are helping companies become aware of proper ink cartridge disposal. Some companies even provide discounts to businesses that sell them their empty cartridges.

Ink Cartridges

Old Computers

You should not throw your old computers into the garbage when you replace them with newer models. Computers have a lot of parts and accessories that companies can recycle or repurpose. You can ask the computer company you are buying from if they have recycling methods for old models. However, you need to be aware of the proper methods when recycling old computers and other electronic devices. Since computer waste has a lot of toxic materials, you need a reliable e-waste company to do the recycling job for you.


A lot of office supplies rely on battery power, which means that you may have a collection of useless batteries lying in the office. While there are fewer consequences to throwing battery compared to other electronics, you can still find ways to recycle them. Office supply stores often have battery recycling programs, which will be helpful in your quest to eliminate as much waste as you can. You can also donate dead batteries to collection companies that have use for them.

Fluorescent Bulbs

Most fluorescent bulbs have mercury, which automatically eliminates them from the list of recyclable wastes. However, there are hazardous waste companies that specialise in the proper disposal of fluorescent bulbs. However, you should remember that there are no recycling companies that will take in shattered CFL bulbs.

More and more companies are transitioning into eco-friendly establishments. If you want your business to contribute to the movement to save the Earth, you can start by finding ways to recycle office supplies properly.

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