5 Things You Need to Consider When Cleaning Your Gutters

Man cleaning out the gutter

Debris will block your gutters and this will lead to overflows, harming to your gutters and even damaging other sections of your house. To prevent all of these, consult the experts. They will recommend you the best roof gutter protection service to retain a comfortable structure to live in.

In order to clean your gutter or repair the roofing system, you typically use a ladder. Do you know that 269,000 individuals in the United States encounter a mishap when using the ladder every year? This is according to the estimation of the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission in 2017.

You should be watchful of the risks associated with ladder use. In fact, you can sustain injury from a fall from any height, and individuals who typically get injured are those who are in their 50s. Consider the following information for your safety:

1. Check Your Ladder

Most ladders are made of aluminum. Before doing the climb, it’s critical to inspect for dented rails and steps, as well as slack rivets. Be mindful of pointed edges. If in case that you are using wood or fiberglass ladder, check if there are loose steps of cracks. To ensure that the steps are sturdy to carry you, you must tighten bolts and rods, but not too much to avoid destroying the ladder.

2. Clean Your Ladder Before Using

Cleaning the gutter is one of the most tedious tasks a homeowner must take in life. But, thanks to gutter guards, it has become an easier undertaking to accomplish. Now, before you use your ladder, make sure that they are clean and dry before doing the climb to keep you from stumbling off.

man on the ladder cleaning the gutter

3. Position Your Ladder on the Right Surface

When you’re on the highest level of your ladder, a single movement of the ladder can lose your balance. That’s why, before you climb the ladder, make sure that it’s placed on a stable, flat surface. It would be much better if the ladder is leaning against the wall. If there’s no wall, find a fixed object. One more thing, never place your ladder beside a doorway if don’t want to get in trouble.

4. Find Someone to Assist You

It will be a great relief if there’s someone available to accompany you to clean the gutter system. If you decide to clean the gutter, your partner can help you by holding the side rails of the ladder while you’re climbing. Of course, your companion must be present to hold again the ladder when you’re done cleaning the system and you need to go back on the ground.

5. Avoid Assuming That You Can Always Do It

Assumptions can lead you into trouble. It’s better to be safe. When you’re up there doing the cleaning of your roof, sometimes there are objects that you need to get, but they are too far away. If you’re the only one doing the job, you might assume that you can stretch your arm just to reach a certain object without moving your ladder closer. A single mistake can change your life forever. If you lose your balance, there’s a high risk that you’ll get injured when you fall.

When you’re done using the ladder, watch where your fingers are whenever you retract or close the ladder. After doing your roof maintenance, it’s a good practice to store all your items in the right storage space. Follow the essential tips above and there’s a guarantee that the rate of injuries related to ladder usage will decrease yearly.

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