5 DIY Projects You Can Easily Do at Home

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There’s no better boredom buster than a fun DIY project at home. There’s a distinct level of satisfaction when you make something with your own hands — especially in the comfort of your home.

To help you expand your creativity and embrace your inner builder/artist, here are some fantastic and easy DIY home projects you can finish in a single weekend, allowing you to spruce up your space in no time.

Replacing Flooring

Surprisingly, you can easily replace new flooring in your home. It’s made possible by factory-finished floors that allow you to install them straight out the box. It’s never been easier to install hardwood floors, carpet, and vinyl sheets yourself because of these advancements. When doing a DIY floor replacement, all you need to pay for is the costs of materials and tools or renting equipment.

However, it can be challenging to determine which type of floor can suit your home the best. That’s why it’s wise if you consult with reputable companies to see whether high-quality laminate flooring, carpet tiles, vinyl sheets, hardwood floors, or laminate planks would work best for your home’s aesthetic.

Adding Kitchen Cabinets

Installing kitchen cabinets on your own is a fantastic way to save money on kitchen renovations or a fun past-time you can do. Skip the labor work and use pre-made or stock cabinets to make your job easier and a faster installation process. You can spruce up these kitchen cabinets using peel and stick contact paper to make it look more modern.

However, if you have the time, consider using molding and trim, then painting it to match the cabinet color to make it look like they expand to the ceiling, making it look more sophisticated.

Making Plant Racks

Plants indoorYou can make plant racks by hanging them on ordinary plant hooks with a customized wood backing that you can design to whatever your heart desires, and using terrariums to store the plants in and hang on the hooks. It’s best to use plant easy-to-care-for plants in these to avoid constantly removing them from the hooks to water them.

If you have an old wooden ladder that you don’t use anymore, simply painting and sanding can transform it into a fantastic plant stand, taking your paints to new heights.

Building New Shelves or Storage

Making more storage space doesn’t need to be time-consuming or expensive. However, it would be best if you secured your shelves before using them to avoid accidents. You can make sturdy shelves using leftover wooden pallets and placing them on your home’s walls or using wood blocks to showcase small home decorations.

Installing Lighting Fixtures

You can purchase any lighting fixture and install it in your home where any light fixture already exists. However, when installing chandeliers or new lights, remember that wiring will include black/red current wires, white neutral wires, and silver/copper ground wires that you need to disconnect consecutively. After removing them, remove the old light, connect the new light’s wires, secure it, and adjust the length.

However, if you’re looking for an easier way to install new lights, you can opt for plug-in pendant lights as they don’t require any wiring and give the look and feel of modern lighting.

The mentioned DIY ideas are simple, affordable, easy-to-make, but at the same time, fantastic and fit every home decor. Set aside some time to gain insight into how you can easily craft unique projects for a better and more functional home.

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