10 Remodeling Ideas That Will Greatly Increase Your Home’s Value

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If you’re considering doing some renovation work at home but you’re unsure how to properly go about it, here are a few suggestions that can significantly increase your home’s value.

10 Great Remodeling Ideas to Increase Your Home’s Value

  1. Kitchen Remodeling

One of the things that greatly affect the value of a house is the kitchen. Remodeling your kitchen is a surefire way of increasing your property’s value. It doesn’t even have to be converted into a gourmet kitchen with all the trimmings and high-end appliances. A minor renovation should suffice.

  1. Finished Basement

Having a basement already adds heated square footage to your home. A finished basement—with installed drywall, flooring, and finished paint job—can bump the value of your home up to a higher price bracket.

  1. Garage Addition

If you plan on staying at your property for a long time, adding a garage is a great way of increasing your home’s value and make your life a lot easier, especially if you’re only using carports for your vehicles. It also gives you extra storage space for your outdoor furniture and equipment during the wintertime.

  1. Additional Bedroom

While creating additional rooms don’t always guarantee a property’s marketability, an additional bedroom is always a good thing. A lot of prospective buyers consider the number of bedrooms in a house, especially if they’re looking to start a family soon. Just make sure to consult a contractor on your local building codes when adding a bedroom to your home.

  1. Additional Bathroom

Light blue modern bathroom interior

Another great investment when it comes to home improvement is the addition of another toilet and bath. If your home only has one bathroom, adding another one in a different part of the house increases your property’s value.

  1. Reinventing or Converting a Room

If you’re looking at giving your interiors a facelift, converting a space or reinventing it is an easy way of giving your home a fresh new look without having to spend much. You can choose to finish your basement or attic into an additional living space, a private study, a multimedia center, or a guest room.

  1. Deck Addition

Since outdoor spaces have become more popular nowadays, especially with a lot of folks stuck at home, the addition of a deck on your property is sure to bring up your property value. The cost of adding a deck to your home will vary depending on the size of the area but if you decide to eventually sell your home, you will get a 65% to 90% return on your investment.

  1. Energy-Efficient Solutions

Nowadays, most buyers give plenty of consideration to energy-efficiency when buying a home. Giving your home upgrades that provide solutions to energy-efficiency concerns don’t just give you plenty of savings but also adds great value to your property.

  1. Smart Technology

With the increasing popularity of smart homes and the internet of things or IoT, plenty of homeowners are now incorporating technology into their homes. If you decide to integrate this kind of tech into your property, it won’t just make it more valuable but it can also make your life a lot better.

  1. Improve Curb Appeal

Finally, a home that looks great on the outside is sure to catch everyone’s attention. A well-maintained garden or lawn paired with clean and fresh exteriors make your home very attractive to both buyers and non-buyers.

We hope that you find this list helpful enough to get you started with your home remodeling project.


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