Low Cost Tower
Tabernacle Mast Tower   not to scale
~ 1-1/4 x 19 inch Iron Pipe (T-4)

~ Triangular wooden braces, nailed on each side prevents (T-4) from tipping sideways under stress

~ Seal terminal connections with shellac, paint, caulk or Scotch brand Electrical Connection Sealant

~ Wire guide loop or eye within 3 inches of pipe for lightning ground wire
Place the mast to tilt DOWNWIND from prevailing winds. A stiff crosswind gust will twist the mast off, if half raised and without shrouds. The Boom Rest shown above is made of 2x4 lumber. The back leg is hinged to fold up for storage w/ blocks and tackle. The "X" should be high enough so that the blades will clear the ground if feathered. To tilt, detach only the back shroud, the others will slack automatically. A Pelican Hook is useful there. When erect, set the shroud tension only so there's no visible slack. Humming tight is unnecessary and dangerous.
~ Swivel

~ Wire loops 2x

~ 20-30 foot pole, 4 inches at tip, 6 inches at butt

2x3 manual shutdown lever. Bale attaches 8 inches from hinge.

~ 4 shroud wires @ 90 deg. each, looped 2x around pole. Attach within 3.5 to 4 feet of top end. 20 penny nails or lag screws prevents shroud wire from sliding.

~ 1/2 or 5/8 inch All-thread w/ nuts and flat washers

~ Galvanized manual feathering wire, 12 to 14 gauge. If longer than 20 feet, use Nylon so the weight won't affect the feathering sensitivity. Wire ends loop 2x.
~ Heavy wire bale, 22 inches long, folded w/ looped ends

~ Long screws attach hinge to pole
2"x8" x 12 feet
4"x4" x 3 feet

Through bolt, closed screw eye to attach hoist



Cable clamp


Rebar loop anchors in cement

1 of 4 shroud wires 3/16 diameter.
About 2/3 of mast height
Unfasten All-thread pin to tilt mast
Anchor Tower Shroud Wires Wide
cable clamp 1/2 inch

When cementing the two tabernacle boards in the ground, measure the distance between them equal to the width of the pole base, plus 1/4 inch. The tops will bend in to accommodate the taper when the All-thread axle is tightened.