Charge Controller 12 V /24 V for small Wind Turbines
(for permanent magnetic 3 ~alternators)


System voltage: 12 V /24 V (adjustable)
Cut-Off-Voltage: 14.1 V /28.2 V
Max.charge current: 30 A
Optional: PV-Input : 6 A maximum charge current
Number: 2 outputs (Load and Extra-Load)
Max.Discharge current: 15 A per output
Special functions
Gas control: Higher cut-off-voltage (time limited)
Electrical brake: Manual brake
4-digit display: See below
Dimensions (H x B x T): 250 mm x 195 mm x 100 mm
Connection: 16 mm2

When connected to the battery voltage Ub appears on the display.By pressing the "Display" button further values are indicated on the display. Easy reading of the display is provided by alternate showing of amemnonic and respective value.

Symbol Meaning
Ub: Battery voltage
I c: Charge current
I b: Battery current
I d: Discharge current
H: Operating hours
Ahc: Ampere hours "Charge"
Ahd: Ampere hours "Discharge"
FG: Alternator frequency
Lo.xy: Status of Load (xy =On/OFF)
EL.xy: Status of E.-Load (xy =On/OFF)
br.xy: Brake (xy = On/OFF)

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