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Appendix B:
Synthetic Host Plant Recipe

and a generic formula for Wessons salts, in percent:


    drawing = Rigorous formula, they'll probably be ok if you leave this out.
    drawing = Health food store.
    drawing = Hardware store.
    drawing = Pet Store or Farm Supply.
    drawing = Grocery store.

The proportions below can vary. So, to simplify: we have
(B) the simple way and
(A) the Really simple way.

(A): The really simple way is made of:

  • drawing drawing 2 tablespoons of malt sugar,
  • drawing 1-1/2 teaspoons of Potassium nitrate, aka: Saltpeter, from a farm supply, keeps penned hogs from fighting, but it's also an ingredient for explosives, so be sure to smile & look squeaky clean. Also sold as a brand of "stump remover" called Spectracide from amazon.com said to be 100% pure but they don't advise ingestion, I haven't tried it but I'm guessing that it speeds stump decomposition by feeding micro-organisms and termites.
  • drawing 1 teaspoon of brewers yeast flakes,
  • drawing 1 pint of distilled water. Mix and spray it all on dry host plant leaves (but not the caterpillars) with a squirt bottle.

(B): The simple way is like making smoothie-pops, it takes: