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Salsalito Houseboat Dragonfly Wind Electric started in the houseboat community of Sausalito CA in 1977. Over 100 Dragonfly kits and complete machines were made between 1979 an 1987. Most sales have been within N America.

Note: I've never really understood the use of an "about" page. My programming instructor said it began before the internet when "hello world" computer code programs were written in 3 parts called "begin-about-exit" (or something close). That framework was morphed into the present by a bunch of geeks doing the only thing they knew & were the only people who cared at the time, so now everybody's stuck with it. Webmeisters currently use it to hawk their site statistics often with little regard for facts. While I admit that facts can be inconvenient at times, I don't ascribe to (much 1) outright lying and the description below has so much room for embellishment that it could only be the truth.
The design, developed from plans originally published by the USDA in 1935, contains all essential elements for a rugged and adaptable machine. It is not hard to build or maintain, and can be assembled from materials collected during a stroll down almost any alley. It can provide power for a radio, fluorescent light, and a laptop, but not ordinarily enough for typical use of a color television, or refrigerator etc.

Dragonfly moved to the coast of Mendocino County (pictures) in N. California to take advantage of the wind, but the county required an environmental impact report for my parking place when I told them what I planned to build. The best wind sites here go to folks who want only an expensive hilltop or ocean view, because the world is beautiful without all the smog & clutter of development. So in my opinion, alternative energy would benefit from incentives to real estate developers rather than buyers, because most people are less moved by reason than social pressure from within their own economic class. Real estate salesmen could then gain financially from being advocates. Although a contribution to environmental preservation may appear to be un-patriotic on the surface, the financial return is actually higher than if the same money was invested in mutual funds.

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Salsalito Houseboat