Mar 93

When the State of CA took over Navarro Beach, it took bids from logging companies to exploit the local resource because they could make money, & avoid responsibility at the same time.
<--- My cartoon assumed they would have to hire someone to remove the wood, but they aren't that dumb and a long patrician history usually gives "their" resources to the highest bidder. By "avoiding responsibility" I mean the state only had to negotiate a contract with one white-collar professional instead of a 50 brown-collars. Whereas before, Navarro beach was the site for tourist campers, 4th of July fireworks, and beach parties. Very few locals use the beach now, because it appears to belong to a tourist agency in Sacramento that discriminates against locals, and the firewoods' economic resource is now concentrated in one manageable contract rather than spread haphazardly among those scrappy hicks (efficient!).
legal logging on Navarro beach legal logging on Navarro beach

legal logging on Navarro beach