This is a letter to Dragonflypower offering a distributorship for permanent magnet alternators made on Korea. This alternator type, used on a Dragonfly frame will produce about 18% more power than that shown on Dragonfly's power output chart. The offer was not accepted because of the cost of minimum purchase.

AMFP permanent magnet AC generators Made in Korea

Dear Sirs,

Descriptions on the 24V/100W/200rpm, and 24V/500W/460rpm, are shown in the attached files. And the general prices(FOB Korea) on the representative models are shown below.

24V/100W/200rpm (Model #SYG-B208-100-200), aluminum housing;
U$285.00/pc for over 200pcs.
U$190.00/pc for over 1,000pcs
* Spindle for vertical axis blade: U$10.00/pc additionaly. Sample(Aluminum housing): U$285.00/pc (FOB Korea)

24V/300W/600rpm (Model #SYG-B208-300-600), aluminum housing; U$300.00/pc for over 200pcs. U$200.00/pc for over 1,000pcs.
Sample(Steel housing): U$300.00/pc (FOB Korea)

24V/500W/680rpm (Model #SYG-B208-500-680), aluminum housing; U$375.00/pc for over 200pcs.
U$250.00/pc for over 1,000pcs.
Sample(Steel housing): U$375.00/pc (FOB Korea)

24V/500W/460rpm (Model #SYG-B240-500-460), aluminum housing; U$450.00/pc for over 200pcs.
U$300.00/pc for over 1,000pcs.
Sample(steel housing): U$375.00/pc (FOB Korea).

12V/500W/300rpm (Model numbers not fixed yet), aluminum housing; Price same as above.

24V/1000W/420rpm (Model #SYG-B240-1000-420), aluminum housing; U$600.00/pc for over 200pcs.
U$400.00/pc for over 1,000pcs.
Sample(Steel housing): U$600.00/pc (FOB Korea)

Orders requiring specifications up to 1.2kW can be accomodated. You will see the sturdiness of our generators when you test our sample(s). Our generators are eagerly taken up in America, U.K, and Sri Lanka already. And if you can sell it in full force, you can have the exclusive dealership in your country.

Please email: Martain Enterprise Korea. Or google any of the model numbers above.