This is the original 1939 pamphlet that was the inspiration for Dragonfly wind generators.

Since it's issued by the US gov. printing office, there's no copyright, & you can plagiarize anything it contains. But if you don't want to screw around to update 1930's DYI farm technology, please download a copy of the Dragonfly Plans.

Some of Dragonflys' improvements are:
  • 3 blades (2 blades will always vibrate at a given windspeed)
  • Larger swept area, from 5 feet dia. to 9
  • Ball bearings
  • Turntable brushes
  • Automatic weatherproof field switch
  • Higher output
  • Vane tracks wind better, doesn't wander
  • General sturdiness
  • Cable replaces hot wire for remote feathering control
6v wind plant cover